Shipping costs and arrangements for Europe

Products purchased online can currently be shipped to Italy and Germany.

For other destinations, we recommend writing an email to in order to propose dedicated shipping costs and arrangements.

In this case the order will be managed outside the online purchasing process.

Delivery charges are € 8.00 and free for orders over € 60.00 in Italy.

Delivery charges are € 20.00 and free for orders over € 100.00 in Germany.


Order shipping time

We use the most well-known national couriers for order shipments, so delivery times are determined by our partners. We are used to process orders in usually 2 days, barring any unexpected events. Online orders made on Saturday and Sunday are taken care of from the first weekday and from that the shipping days start.


Which products can be shipped abroad

Currently all products on the site except for wine and cosmetics category.


Choice of packaging for a gift

The products: oil, wine, jams, honey and Evo oil cocoa cream can be purchased with their precious packaging. The cost of the packaging is €1 and is optional when selecting the product.

The product with its packaging will then be placed inside a custom box with Palazzo di Varignana logo for shipping so that the product will not be damaged during transportation.


Gift customization

For all orders you can write a greeting card, we suggest writing an email to with the order you just made through the e-shop.

Moreover, oils and wines can be customized along the neck of the bottle. In these personalized labels it is possible to write a name, a date or a short sentence (no more than 3 words) that can make the bottle unique. In this case, the indication of customization can be made in the "Customization" field when viewing the shopping cart before the checkout.


Where do the proposed experiences take place?

The Experiences section features all of the year's offers proposed by Palazzo di Varignana. The experiences takes place in the winery of Palazzo di Varignana's agricultural estate, which is just a few meters from the Palazzo di Varignana Resort.