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Gift Box


Palazzo di Varignana gift boxes are perfect gift ideas, original treasure chests, giving unforgettable taste sensations. Every box contains a mix of unique products, selected among our production excellences. Choose your own!

You can contact our customer care service at +39 051 19939998 and choose the products for your personal gift box. You can choose any combination and among several types of gift packs.

To receive customized offers for your gift ideas please send your request by email to

Discover products

  1. Selection Kit 2
    Prezzo normale 49,00 € Prezzo speciale 39,00 €
  2. Selection Kit 1
    Prezzo normale 94,50 € Prezzo speciale 78,50 €
  3. Luxury Selection I
    107,00 €
  4. Palazzo di Varignana's saffron and extravirgin olive oil
    60,00 €
  5. Basilico Timo-Limone, Limone, Peperoncino, Rosmarino e Tartufo
    50,00 €
  6. Bottle of extravirgin olive oil Blend Verde 500 ml and bottle of Sangiovese Superiore DOC 750 ml
    Prezzo normale 34,00 € Prezzo speciale 30,00 €
  7. Assorted tea gift box

    One gift box includes two sealed 50 g tea boxes | Don Carlo and Perle del Palazzo

    One black tea blend and one green tea blend meet spices, fruit and flowers, and give a varied, balanced and enjoyable bouquet of aromas, flavours and tastes.
    22,00 €