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Tea and chocolate


From the passion that the founder of Palazzo di Varignana has for the world of tea and from the collaboration with excellent experts in the sector, two special and refined blends of fine teas with unmistakable aromas are born. Our handcrafted chocolates are made in collaboration with excellent Italian companies with a long tradition, giving life to exquisite recipes and combinations, for the most demanding palates.

Scopri i prodotti

  1. Don Carlo Tea can 50 gr
  2. Perle del Palazzo Tea can 50 gr
  3. Assorted tea gift box

    One gift box includes two sealed 50 g tea boxes | Don Carlo and Perle del Palazzo

    One black tea blend and one green tea blend meet spices, fruit and flowers, and give a varied, balanced and enjoyable bouquet of aromas, flavours and tastes.
  4. One can of 15 sealed Don Carlo Tea bags
  5. One can of 15 sealed Perle del Palazzo Tea bags
  6. 200 g cocoa cream with hazelnuts and olive oil